Our Story

Our work began back in 2020 in Gurugram city amidst the lockdown period. There were almost 100 banjara (or nomad) families which dwelled on the footpaths of this millennial city. Collectively their community formed a marketplace for home décor products which were either handmade or procured directly from manufacturers from various states in India. With time, this market attracted massive footfall daily as customers were able to get a very vast variety of all their home décor and furnishing needs at one place at nominal prices.

Then came the lockdown period. Due to that, the market completely lost its charm. The banjaras went out of business and neither the customers were able to visit and buy products.

There emerged a need to bridge the gap of bringing business to the banjaras/artisans and enabling customers to buy products from the market. Thus, Banjara Market was born.

Initially, we sourced products from the banjaras/artisans and created a website to serve the customers while giving them all the benefits of an e-commerce platform. We received massive traffic on the website and orders began flowing in. That was the time we knew that we needed to make it large.

“The internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity.”  – Barack Obama

Our Mission

Banjara Market aims to cater the widest variety of home décor/ furnishing/ handicraft products. Currently we source products from both, the banjaras of Gurugram as well as other manufacturers. Growing each day, we have now built a multivendor structure to enable artisans/small business owners to sell their products to a much wider audience through our platform. More the vendors, more the products.

Our Vision

Creating a platform on which artisans/small business owners from low and middle income backgrounds have increased access to design support and online – offline markets, and can use craft as a medium to bring about tangible change in their lives.

And where home décor enthusiasts/designers find all the products of need and beautification of their homes with an advanced interface that feeds their imagination.